Forensics of waste

Objects found on site: Kreuzberg, Berlin, Germany, 24-26.04.2017.

What is waste? Is it something we don’t want, or something we forget about? Something we would rather not have in our lives because it reminds us of our own fragility or our own failures? Is it something we lose or discard on purpose?

I juxtapose the ugliness of the found objects with the sterile visual language, reminiscent of advertisement photography. I want to make them appealing once again, to be re-discovered, re-used, cherished, studied, treated with care, shared.

I remove them from their natural environment, I create an archive, a topology. Can these photographs reveal a specificity of the place where the objects were found, or is it a very average collection, typical of any metropolitan area?

It is a research into our habits, but also a study of our ways of seeing. How do we perceive value, and where do we find it? Can we find it in objects, thoughts and actions, not commonly seen as valuable?

The images were printed as postcards, and offered to visitors of the exhibition at CLB Berlin, in April 2017.