A series of images made with a pinhole camera; printed on old paper stock and bound by hand, 2017

The images are a result of a study of the physics of light and shadow, the innards of a camera, a wish to deconstruct it, to make it simple(r), more tangible, more physical — perhaps a counterweight to the ever-growing technological advances in photography. Driving me forth is a certain,  perhaps ungrounded  sense of nostalgia, a desire to slow things down, to touch and to explore.

At the same time, I feel uneasy without the ability to compose an image, to see it before it is materialized — to judge it before it even exists. Half-reluctantly, half-eagerly I surrender to an element of chance, to all the possible light leaks, to gusts of wind that tip over the camera with unexpected ease, and any unforeseen mishaps that have been eliminated by the modern day precision and desire to be effective, faultless, seductive, and profitable.